A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner Essay

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A Rose For Emily by William Faulkner is one of those stories with an unpredictable ending that leaves the reader with an eerie feeling. In this story Emily is a young woman who lives with her father. They are a high society family because of their money and this makes for a difficult life for Emily. Being high society means that she looks down on most people and that her father sees no man as good enough for her, so she leads a very lonely life. Her father dies suddenly one day, but Emily refuses to acknowledge it for three days, after which she is forced to let men take her father out of the house. A little while after this she meets a man and they being to talk a lot. Many people in the town have no idea what really goes on in her life, …show more content…
Fear is a great motivator, and in Faulkner’s story readers are able to see just what lengths a truly scared person is willing to go to. Emily kills a man with poison, and the real reason is never clearly stated in Faulkner’s story. However, there are other clues that guide people to the real reason. “That was two years after her father’s death and a short time after her sweetheart- the one we believed would marry her- had deserted her.” Emily has been left by two of the people who were close to her in life. While they may not have left by choice, in her eyes she had been deserted. She is a very lonely person and after meeting Homer Barron she becomes paranoid that he too will desert her. This fear is so great that it motivates her to poison him and then sleep in the arms of his corpse. If he is dead he can never leave her. While this story had a great impact, I feel that it goes against what Faulkner said in his acceptance speech because this story shows that dark side of human nature, not the side the revives people’s faith in it. He shows how fear drives people to do terrible things and to some this dark story might even seem scary. “Learning to control one’s fears while tackling a task successfully develops inner

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