A Solution to Weak and Failed States Essay

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“Weak and Failed States” When people such as writers, philosopher, and scientists of the past would imagine and predict what the world would be like in the twenty-first century, most thought of a glorious advanced human civilization. A civilization with a stable and unified global government and global economy that is beneficial to all. It seems that now, in year 2011, we are far from a stable international community. With a vast majority of people living without food, clean water, and basic political rights, the future envisioned 100 or 200 years ago is still far away. There are numerous nations with either weak or failed states. Since the people living in these states are usually suffering enormous hardships, something needs to be …show more content…
In the vacuum the non-state actors try to provide some of these goods, never fully succeeding. Seeing all of these key features of a weak state, many ask what causes a state weakness. Well there are many possible causes of state weakness, none of them completely true in all cases, since all cases of state weakness are different. As the state is a creation of man, the weakness or failure of it is also caused by man. There are many different ways that men have been the cause of state weakness. One of these is the fact that men leading the nation during its decline are usually personally responsible. Either the ruler alone or with his cronies on top, often times empty the nation’s coffers by indulging in the riches that they keep from their people. Another root cause of state weakness is the influence of other states, either currently or historically. Post-colonial Africa is home to many of the world’s weakest states, the reason these states are weak can be a remnant left by colonial European powers. While the colonial powers held their territory in Africa, they wanted to make sure it was easy to govern so they kept the people of the area weak and in disunity. We are now seeing the effects of outside influence as these states try to become stable when they are historically unstable. These states need to become

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