Essay about Acid Deposition

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Acid Deposition

Acid deposition is a huge problem in our world today. It contaminates our waters causing the deaths of plants, trees, and fish as well as other animals. This is not a problem that only affects wildlife, as humans, we depend on this wildlife for our own sources of food and shelter. It is a problem we must face together in order to solve it. However, acid rain by itself is not the biggest problem. It causes many other deadly problems such as aluminum poisoning.
What is acid deposition? Acid deposition, also known as acid rain, is all the rain, snow, mist, etc. that falls from the sky onto the Earth that contains unnatural acids. It is not to be concerned with uncontaminated rain that falls, even though all rain is
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They are hydrogen (H2) and sulfate (SO4) (Luoma, 1984, p.147). When it rains and the rivers overflow onto their banks the river passes through the soil. Since the Industrial Revolution there has been an increasing amount of sulfur in the soil. The river does not have enough sulfur in it to complete the reaction until it filters through the sulfur rich soil. This in part aids in the reaction creating sulfuric acid. When it joins with the water the pH rises dramatically (Louma, 1984, 148). This is how acid enters our waters, and its affects are devastating. The natural water does not contain the right amounts of sulfur to create the acid but with a little help from man the cycle is complete. At the beginning of the 20th century most rivers and lakes, like the river in Tovdal, Norway had not yet begun to die. However, by 1926 local inspectors were noticing that many of the lakes were beginning to show signs of death. Fish were found dead on the banks of rivers. As the winter ice and snow began to thaw, the fish kills rose dramatically. River trout was one of the hardest hit of fish populations (Pearce, 1987, p.23). It was at this time that scientists began to search for a reason. As the scientists continued their investigations, the fish kills rose. They found that the fish were dying at an alarming rate; they even found masses of up to 5,000 dead fish in some areas. When divers were sent to examine the bottom of the river all they found were more

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