Ageism in a Multicultural Society Essay

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Summary Ageism, which can also be referred to as age discrimination is the oversimplified conception of animosity against individuals or groups because of their age. This can also be a term used to describe the attitudes and ideals used to rationalize age based narrow-mindedness and intolerance. Age discrimination has an overwhelming outcome on our economy and society and it is common for senior citizens to face discrimination in health, housing, and various other essential services (Chang, Simon, Dong, 2010). Employment can be difficult when seniors are unable to retire and have no options for another job. This creates a vulnerable situation to layoffs or dismissal when there are up and coming young people seeking the same job with …show more content…
Although their credentials and work ethic may be excellent, companies appear to refrain from hiring an older person who may want to retire in the next few years (Gallaher, M, 2008). Another issue may occur as jobs are available, they may not meet the candidate’s qualifications. These types of situations make it difficult to turn down a position that lacks interest or dignity if they are having trouble making ends meet. Health care is a major concern of elderly patients, as U.S. populations have become more diverse with specific challenges growing for health care providers to offer multicultural care. Hospitals in the U.S. and their medical education departments have developed specific courses regarding cultural competence training to recognize the importance of multicultural care (Chang, Simon, Dong, 2010). Medical education residency programs are continuously being adjusted and adapted to meet the health needs of older immigrants. Understanding diverse cultural backgrounds and its corresponding behaviors is an important subject in medical education curriculum. Communication in the health care field has become significant as the understanding of culture becomes essential to an effective and respectful conversation with the patient.
Aging Americans are particularly defenseless to ineffective health care simply for the fact they are not offered the same treatment options as

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