Al Capone Essay

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Al Capone was the son of two poor Italian immigrants, which at that time in history meant you didn't matter, so he had to find guidance with the only people that took an interest in him but unfourtnally for him it was some of the biggest mob leaders in New York. Even with that kind of influence hard to believe that a once soft spoken, intelligent kid from a good family would grow up to run a major city with blood, bullets, and booze.
First, Capone's lack of tolerance for authority and people who didn't respect him was obvious from a young age. In sixth grade a female teacher called Capone a dago and slapped him during a argument in class, which angered Capone to the point were he punched the female teacher in the face breaking her nose
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Capone worked for Yale for several years, but after he started a family of his own he decided to get a legitimate job. Capone took his knowledge of running numbers and turned it into a bookkeeping job for a construction company (Bergreen p.55), but that all ended November 14, 1920 when Capone's father died suddenly of a massive heart attack. This event is viewed as the one that pushed all Capone over the hump and signified the end of a legal working career (Bergreen p.59). Hearing of the passing of Mr. Capone, Johnny Torrio, who was now running a large brothel empire in Chicago, called for his young protégé to join him in his new business.
Second, was Capone's introduction to the criminal empire that Torrio was running in Chicago. Capone started out managing brothels for Torrio but soon became Torrio's business partner instead of his employee (Schoenberg pg.134). The duo expanded their business into the suburbs of Cicero to avoid some of the heat from the Chicago police department. Capone was left in charge of all activities in Cicero, and his first order of business was an all-out take over on the suburb(Schoenberg pg.149). Capone, being the loyal family man he was, put two of his brothers to work, one was to handle the city government and the other to open and manage new brothels (Schoenberg pg.176). In 1924 Capone showed Chicago just exactly what he was capable of; it was an election year and Capone was willing to do anything to get his officials elected.

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