Alcoholism in Native American Communities Essay

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The power to be able to fall into a trance where reality and emotions are destroyed seems attractive to minority communities. Substances such as alcohol and drugs are a popular tool abuse by young teens and adults since these materials are easy to possess. However, using a substance to fall into the trance will only be harmful to the individual and their community. Sherman Alexie, a Native American writer, experiences numerous sorrows from alcohol in his life on the reservation and outside of the reservation. He illuminates the sufferings he experience through his fiction character Junior in his novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian and interviews. In addition, reporter Diane Sawyer discovers that alcohol abuse is …show more content…
Even more so, the guardians that use verbal abuse when they drink make their children respect alcohol as an enemy because alcoholism takes their parents’ conscious away. Because alcoholism creates emotional pain, many Native Americans consider it as an enemy. Beer and liquor is an enemy to Native Americans because the drinks have establish unforgettable memories that haunt the individuals. For instance, Sherman Alexie fears beer due to his drinking experience. Alexie speaks about his interest in alcohol in his interview on KCTS 9: “‘I started drinking in my senior year of high school. It continues until March 1991. What made me quit was … one night I drove. I sorta came to my alcoholic stupor that I was driving. I stopped the car and don’t remember how I got home. I could have easily died’”. Alexie suffers from being an alcoholic just like his family, community, and friends. His story symbolizes the age when many Native Indians’ children start to drink. Alexie’s experience helps him acknowledge alcohol as a threat to his and others’ life since he lost awareness in his intoxicated state. In addition, his experience made him respect alcohol as an enemy because he stop consuming alcohol due to being afraid. As a result, Alexie matures into an adult that educates society about alcoholism being an epidemic and not a stereotype in Native Americans’ communities. Sherman Alexie’s shocking experience with

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