Alternate Ending to Frankenstein Essay

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The monster took his first breath and opened his eyes. Victor stood paralyzed in fear of his creature. The creature was not what Victor had expected at all; He was absolutely hideous. Victor felt a sense of responsibility as the creature’s creator and decided to treat the creature as if it were a newborn baby. Victor helped the creature take his first steps and brought him to a chair to sit down. “I’ll be right back” Victor told the creature as he went to get the creature a drink. He showed the creature how to drink and told him it was called water. Victor kept pointing at the cup of water and saying “water” until the creature finally repeated him. Victor spent the rest of the day teaching the creature basic words. Victor was …show more content…
Victor caught a couple of fish to show the creature. Victor made a fire next to the creek and cooked the fish for the monster to sample. The creature was fascinated by the fire. It was so warm and when Victor was busy preparing the fish, the creature put his hand in the fire, not knowing that it would burn him. The creature freaked out and howled. When Victor tried to help the creature, the creature pushed him and Victor went flying back. Victor brushed himself off and realized the creature was gone. Victor walked around calling for the creature, but he could not find him. Victor did not know what to do. He knew the creature did not mean to hurt him, and if someone else were to find his creature, they would probably kill him out of fear.
Night was approaching and Victor decided to go back to his house, but leave the fire for the creature in case he were to return. In the morning he would go back to the same spot and look for the creature again.
When Victor returned the following morning, he found the creature sitting next to the fire. Victor was relieved and impressed. The creature was able to keep the fire going. The creature was also preparing a fish for breakfast. The creature smiled when he saw Victor walking toward him. Victor helped the creature finish cooking the fish and decided that it was time to give the creature a name. The creature was so horrendous looking, yet so gentle and kind, he was not sure what name would even be suitable for such a

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