Alzheimer's Disease Essay

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Alzheimer’s disease is described as a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys a person’s memory and clarity to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate, and carry out daily life. (r.1) Alzheimer’s is a disturbing disease affecting millions of elderly people. A person’s risk for the disease is fifty-percent when they reach the age of eighty-five.(r.1) Scientists have been studying the disease for many years now in hope to find answers to a cure for this depressive disease. The disease is persistently being studied with the hope of cures, and a better understanding of how one person can conquer Alzheimer’s disease.
     Alzheimer’s disease contains no known single cause. Scientists are patiently and
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The first sign is memory loss. The most common signs of Alzheimer’s are forgetting recently learned information. The second symptom is difficulty performing familiar tasks. People begin to find it difficult to perform and complete everyday tasks that were once easy, such as cooking a meal or participating in a hobby. The next sign is problems with their language. Those with Alzheimer’s disease forget the simplest of words and begin to substitute words which do not make sense to the common listener. Their writing skills also begin to lack. The fourth sign is disorientation to time and place. Many become lost on their own street. They begin to loose their way and can sometimes become very lost. The fifth sign is poor or decreased judgment. A person with Alzheimer’s begins to dress without any regard to the weather, or wear abnormal clothing. Next they begin to think abstractly. They may forget to do their taxes, to balance their check books, or other tasks that require a little use of thinking. Then they begin to misplace objects, beginning with little items such as their car keys, but then progressing to forgetting where they parked their car, where they put their jewelry and other important items. Those with the disease contain rapid mood swings and their personalities begin to alter dramatically. The last sign is loss of initiative. Researchers show that they begin to watch television for hours, and sleep more then normal. They begin to loose interest in things

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