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Playwriting has evolved over time. As each new century has rung in, new genres of plays have been introduced to the world. American plays have changed a great deal since The Prince of Parthia to Margaret Fleming. Characters have become more dimensional, plots have become more complicated, and even the subjects and contexts have changed. With all the changes that have occurred, plays have gotten more intriguing to the audiences. The first play to ever be published by an American, The Prince of Parthia, closely resembled Shakespearean literature, and another early play that resembled another culture is Fashion; by the time Margaret Fleming came out, the standard of American Drama had completely changed for the better. The Prince of Parthia …show more content…
In reality that much action should occur over a week or maybe even a month’s time span. The anger that Queen Thermusa exudes towards her son’s death and her husband’s lust for another woman, is remarkably believable. Vardanes’ plan to blame King Artabanus’ death on Arsaces was a great addition to play because it added excitement; yet again the playwright used another Shakespearean inspiration. Vardanes closely resembled a Shakespeare character, Iago from Othello. Vardanes used Lysias and Thermusa to exact his vengeance upon Arsaces. In a true Shakespearean fashion, Godfrey accomplished defining a true villain. The main characters, such as Arsaces and Evanthe, are not well rounded characters. For a play to be considered widely believable, the characters need to have flaws within them. The leading man Arsaces was a perfect man; he was a war hero and had a young woman waiting for him when he returned home. He even had his brother and step mother’s hatred, which most leading men had. But he lacked a sense of reality, he was too perfect. Every good character must have a flaw, or something that makes them human or relatable. Without a blemish a character cannot be believable to the audience. A key part to making great theatre is having relatable characters. Evanthe, the lead woman, is very naïve and does not really have a mind of her own; which proved to be troubling for her, seeing

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