Essay on American Influence over New Zealand Culture

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War World 2 was a pivotal point of change for New Zealand. The country went from being a colonial country dependent or rather in awe of our mother country, England, to being a Colonial country now more excited with new contact with the new world super power of America. America’s acceptance as defender of the Pacific was the wedge that quickly romanticises the New Zealand people into a 60 year love affair with all things American. New Zealand has now reached a point where American media and influence in this country has now become integrated into the New Zealand culture and psyche itself.

American Influence over New Zealand Culture
Since the start of the “American Invasion” of New Zealand in 1942, New Zealand has become
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American brand electronic equipment is spread though out the house. In the kids bed rooms the walls are plastered with dozens of posters of teen pop super stars and the latest young actors and actresses from Hollywood. The rooms are virtual shrines to all that is the American celebrity. In their shelves numerous CD’s, DVD’s and video games are stacked, almost all are American. Their wardrobes are lined back to back with American labels, Sean Jones; P-Diddy’s jeans label is evident in the drawers. Britney Spears new perfume becomes a centre piece of the dresser in the corner. Finding something uniquely New Zealand culture is a near impossibility. A bone carved necklace lies on the desktop, but something that was once only carved as a hook or art of Maori in origin now has been carved to resemble the new symbol for a son’s new favourite American rock band. In the kitchen, next to the bin, is a small pile of empty Kentucky Fried Chicken boxes, left over from the weekly Friday feed of American takeaways eaten the day before. In the freezer, stacked like bricks, are boxes upon boxes of microwave dinners and easy quick cooking frozen food. Long gone are the days of starting to prepare a nice home cooked meal from scratch, not when you can ‘nuke it’. Out the back of the house are a few small slabs of concrete and a worn Basket Ball hoop where the kids have

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