Essay An Analysis of After Dark by Haruki Murakami

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After Dark by Haruki Murakami was a bitter sweet story made up of mysterious and unpredictable moments which lead to an unexpected finally. This takes place in present day Tokyo, Japan where the lives of several individuals with unique personalities and hidden symbolism unfold through out one night. They each contribute to the real meaning behind the author’s point of view in the novel. It will provide an emotional and personal connection in some way to those that read it. Eri Asai and her sister Mari once went to a hotel swimming pool in Shinagawa and meet Takahashi and his friend. Two summers later Takahashi runs into Mari inside a Denny’s restaurant late at night. They begin talking and catching up on life mostly speaking …show more content…
Mari decides to stay and continue reading as for Kaoru it is back to work at the love hotel. Upon her return Kaoru and two employees Komug and Korogi begin to look for surveillance tapes and eventually print out a picture from the man that rented out the room where the prostitute was. Kaoru redials the last number and gets in touch with the man that picked up the prostitute, they meet ten minutes later and Kaoru makes sure the picture is given to the man on the motorcycle. In another scene the man that was photographed at the hotel is sitting on a desk with a number of pencils with the name Veritech which is the name of the company. This man is working late and seems to be a shady character by the things going on in the office. The man leaves late and orders a taxi to go home, on the way home the taxi makes a quick stop in a seven eleven this man takes out the missing cell phone from the prostitute and leave it on a shelf next to a box of cheese. As well as throwing out the rest of the prostitutes belongings in the garbage to get rid of any evidence. During the rest of the ride while laying down in the back seat of the taxi, suddenly on a red light the black motorcycle pulls next to him but seems not to realize and make the connection of who is there. Through out the story there is a main focus on Eri Asai who is shown on a bed in a room, but also ends up

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