An Analysis of Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge Essay

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An Analysis of The Mayor of Casterbridge

     The plot of The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy, can often be confusing and difficult to follow. The pages of this novel are filled with sex, scandal, and alcohol, but it provides for a very interesting and unique story.
It all begins one day in the large Wessex village of Weydon-Priors. Michael
Henchard, a young hay-trusser looking for work, enters the village with his wife and infant daughter. What follows next, is certainly a little out of the ordinary, and this book provides and interesting plot, that is sure to brighten up any boring day.
     Michael Henchard, looking for something to drink, enters into a tent where an old woman
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Henchard also grows jealous of Farfrae's rising influence in both Henchard's business and in
Casterbridge. The two men quarrel and Henchard fires Farfrae, who then sets up a successful competing grain business. Henchard is rapidly going bankrupt, after several bad business deals.
     Soon after Susan's death, Lucetta Templeman, Henchard's former lover, comes to Casterbridge to marry Henchard. In order to provide Henchard with a respectable reason for visiting her, Lucetta suggests that Elizabeth-Jane move in with her. Henchard tries to force Lucetta to marry him, but she is unwilling.
She has fallen in love with Farfrae and soon marries him. Henchard's business and love life are failing; his social position in Casterbridge is also eroding.
The final blow comes when the woman who ran the furmity tent in Weydon-Priors is arrested in Casterbridge. When she spitefully reveals Henchard's infamous auctioning of his wife and child, Henchard surprisingly admits his guilt. The news, which is harmful to Henchard's reputation, rapidly travels through the town. Henchard is soon bankrupt and forced by his poverty to become Farfrae's employee. He moves to the poorest section of town.
     Farfrae and Lucetta buy Henchard's old house and furniture. The Scotsman then completes his embarrassment of Henchard by becoming mayor of Casterbridge.
Later, Henchard challenges Farfrae to a fight to the

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