Essay An Example of Successful Management: Andrea Jung

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Management is a job that is “harder than it looks,” as the saying goes. Not only must you have a plan, be able to organize, control, and lead, you must be able to continue to make decisions that will benefit not only the company, but everyone involved in said company. That involves stockholders, employees, and management that is both above and below what position you may be in. Andrea Jung, one of the most successful CEOs is an example of manager who can plan, organize, control, and lead in Avon and continue to make it a success. The company has thrived under her management, and there is no sign that that success will slow or drop in the future. What also makes Andrea Jung impressive is the fact that there are still few women who are in …show more content…
Andrea Jung’s children are Lauren, from her first marriage, and James, from her second. Her children are extremely important to her – she has taken absence from work to be able to be with her children during the most crucial moments of their childhood. Despite this, she has missed some important moments of their childhood, but has said that she will never, and has never missed the most important ones.
In 1979, Andrea Jung graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Previously, her plans had been to study law after a year’s break from school, but had changed her mind after being hired as a manager-in-training at Bloomingdales. Apparently having done a great job at Bloomingdales, she became Neiman Marcus’s executive vice chief in charge of merchandising women's cosmetics, apparel, and accessories. After her promotion, she had changed her mind about studying law, having had found a type of career she vastly preferred instead. When she began to work for Avon in 1993 as a consultant, she had found her calling even more. The higher ups felt as though Andrea Jung was bringing in a new burst of energy and something new in this hundred-year old company, and because of that, she had received her first promotion in Avon.
In 1994, she became president of the product marketing group for U.S. operations. Avon is a company that sells their brand of make up and fragrances door to

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