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Dave Eggers’ novel Zeitoun is labeled as a work of non-fiction. It tells the story of a Syrian-American man named Abdulrahman Zeitoun, also known as Zeitoun, who chose to stay in New Orleans to ride out one of the worst natural disasters in American history, Hurricane Katrina. Zeitoun, a family man and devoted to his business stayed in the city as the hurricane approached to protect not only his home and business, but also his neighbors’ and friends’ properties. After the storm he traveled the flooded city in a secondhand canoe rescuing neighbors, caring for abandoned pets and distributing fresh water. Soon after the storm, Zeitoun and three others were arrested without reason or explanation at one of his rental houses by a mixed group of …show more content…
Troops were just pointing their rifles at Blacks and denied anyone that came and asked for aid. “George Bush doesn’t care about Black People,” Kanye West stated in his interview in Lee’s documentary.
Dave Eggers depiction of racial profiling is an accurate portrayal confirmed by Spike Lee’s documentary When the Levees Broke. The parts of Eggers’ book when troops do not helping Zeitoun because he looked like a terrorists can be related to scenes in Spike Lee’s documentary where African Americans weren’t receiving the help they needed. Both Eggers and Lee showed the significance of officials in uniform pointing riffles and M-16 in citizen’s face, mainly blacks, and telling them to move and that they can’t help them. It’s bad enough that 80% of your city is under water but for your own government, the people that should be helping you to deny you the help you need. Nobody wishes for Hurricanes to come and destroy their homes, flood their cities, and leave them hopeless. So why can’t a Black person, a Syrian man, or a person of any race be normal. Why must they always be judged on the color of our skin or the way they look?
Zeitoun, in the novel witnessed looting going around in his own neighborhood. Kathy, his wife, warned him of the looting that was going on in the city but stubborn Zeitoun insisted that none of that was happening in his neighborhood. Until he witnessed it face-to-face; while he was going to check the condition of one of his offices

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