Analysis of Sheet Music, Johann Sebastian Bach Essay

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Analysis of Sheet Music

While many people listen and enjoy music, not all people analyze music for more complex things such as formal analysis or melody. However, by examining music for these things it is possible to gain a greater understanding of the music. This makes it so that people have greater appreciation for the music as well. Some of the best music to analyze is classical music. This is because classical music has many different levels and has lasted test of time over many year. The current essay examine Bach’s work prelude-fugue in D major for background, formal elements, and cultural elements. Johann Sebastian Bach is one of history’s most important composers. He was a German composer who lived between the 17th and
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The music had a prelude and fugue in every and minor key of the scale. This shows that in addition to there being many notes played, the notes have lots of different variety. Although the tempo of the music was not listed in the sheet music it was possible to find this by tapping. It appeared that the music had a high tempo level with three or four beats per second. There were not a significant amount tempo changes. However, some tempo changes did occur. During measure 36 through 39 a significant tempo change occurred because there is a lot less notes used during this section. Following this section the tempo increases again throughout the rest of the music. More specific, the music begin with key C Major then the music has a fugue and the fugue is in the same key. After this, the music goes down the scale to C minor and then to C#. This same cycle happens for the next note in D until every key has been represented. The harmony and melody of the piece is very complex as it has been said. For example, many times during the piece the music begins at a low scale degree and then ends on a high scale degree. This is also true for the opposite with many times there being music starting high on the degree scale and moving down to low on the scale. This makes the piece seem that its main melodic goal is to explore the dynamics of the scale in many dimensions to allow the listener to hear this interesting variety. This is different from other types

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