Analysis of The case of the Pledge of Allegiance Essay

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The primary goal of this essay is to examine whether the first amendment goes too far in protecting free speech, like the case of the Pledge of Allegiance. Therefore, to establish this argument, this essay will first consider the speech overview, as well as the limitations. Subsequently, the essay would also put into consideration the aspects of Freedom in the Classroom. Basing my work on the “first amendment does not go too far in protecting free speech in the case of the Pledge of Allegiance” as the claim; my essay would revolve around the components of both the Speech Overview, as well as the Freedom in the Classroom. These components will act as the basis of my argument. According to the speech overview, the First …show more content…
For this reason, as a caring and responsible citizen of society, especially when you are good and decent citizens hailing from a decent society, you are most likely to need many results with all our hearts. The decent people, collectively, needs proper security, protection against fear, order and civility, racial and religious tolerance. In addition, the people also want the welfare of their children preserved. Each and every one requires these things with all their hearts. Subsequently, when others expresses their opinions that seem to portend these objectives, who can blame the government for being tempted to express its wishes in law and swish away the opposition? It is flawlessly reasonable (Sobel, 19). Finally, Holmes closed his remarks by making it delusively clear that, that was the elements of the First Amendment. On the other hand, Freedom in the Classroom is an act that was put in place by the subcommittee on Academic Freedom and Tenures. The said Freedom of Classroom was then approved in 2007 by the committee for publication (Benjamin, 37-48). It stipulates that while inside the classroom, the teacher was given the freedom to discuss their subjects without fear of discrimination or interference from forces internal or external. The main

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