Essay on Analysis of The Hallmark Company

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In order to have an insight analysis of the company, I had to interview some of the employees. When referring to organization culture there are values that are held by the company depending on the position in the market. Most of the organizational values are referred to as culture since every new staff have to be briefed on them and how the company expects them to behave while working for them. Hallmark has embraced quality and reliability as a major culture in their products and services.
As indicated by the company CEO; Donald Hall, working for Hallmark comes with a lot of benefits but it needs commitment from the employees (personal communication, July 11, 2011). The organization has values it holds, it is dedicated to
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Most of the decisions in the company are made at all levels but most of the deliberations are made at the top of the management including strategic positioning of the company (Scott, 2007, p. 295). On asking the entertainment in charge; Robert Halmi, he asserted that it is not necessary for the juniors to report to the managers but can report directly to their supervisors who report to the managers in charge of different departments (personal communication, July 11, 2011). He then added that the management of the company works using delegation of duties from the top management and trickling down to the employees. Using department and sublevels in the management of the company, each of the top managers are able to enforce their commands down to the other grades of management.
Group Mechanisms
The leaders of the company are democratic, they allow all the employees to have and display their abilities in the management of the company. In addition, most of leaders in the company sit with their juniors and deliberate on serious issues on management. To help inspire employees, there are reward programs for the best performing employees in the company. In addition, the company has promotions based on merit and the commitment of the employee to the company. Most of the leaders in the company spend most of their time working on the management of the company and during their free time they spend it with their families. Also, during their free time at work they

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