Analysis of the Logging Industry Essay example

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Have you ever wondered where all of the products made of wood came from? How about all of the lumber that you use when you build something in your own backyard? Well, recently I have grown interested in the logging industry. The life style of a lumberjack is very intriguing to me. I find the places they work to the actual type of work they do to be very appealing. Honestly, I am not very sure where my interest for this topic came from, but I do know one thing, and that is that without the industry life in the society in which we live in would be very different and maybe not even possible. This job requires much hard work and contains a strong presence of physical labor. To say the least, one has to be very tough to work as a …show more content…
But, before partaking in this endeavor I had to organize my thoughts and questions so I would not be sorting through the plethora of information on the web aimlessly. Going through the steps in this process, my research was done in a very efficient manner. I feel that the information I found answered my queries fully. One of the first of the many things I found out about the logging industry was the pay that goes along with it. A lumberjack can earn anywhere between 30,000 and 80,000 dollars on average. Many lumberjacks often receive their pay as an hourly wage. The average wage typically is twenty-five dollars an hour. (Logging & Lumberjack Jobs”) Being a logger does not require an education beyond high school. In my own opinion, if one is making towards the higher end of this pay scale without any college education or degree of any sort, that is doing pretty well. Gregory Hamel, in “Salary of a Lumberjack” said “Lumberjacks typically make learn the skills they need through on-the-job training and do not have an education beyond high school.” This job requires literally no previous experiences but the person that is looking too partake in this job has to be willing to embrace the danger of it. (Hamel) I also learned that if one is interested in working or is going to work this job, he or she needs to have an extreme love for the outdoors. If a person goes to work this job, they and their co-workers are very deep within the

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