Essay about Analyzing Paul's Letter

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The first Roman numeral is created separate from the others, because it represents the introduction and greetings of Paul. Paul identifies himself as the sender of the letter. He also describes the recipients of the letter, both Jews and Gentiles seen in point c. Paul also takes the time to identify the gospel that he preaches and believes in. This is for good reason, since, he has not made contact with the roman Christian community or their basis of their belief (point b).
II. In the second Roman numeral, Paul transitions from greetings to a different topic in his letter. Paul shares a prayer and fellowship desires with the new community of believers, he will soon encounter in his journey. This is supported through
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Point a, describes Jesus as God’s incarnate message of what righteousness meant. Point b, is the vehicle that humanity must use to gain righteousness under God’s plan, that is faith. Point c, describes an example of a human who lived out righteousness by following the faith plan that God saw as righteous. Abraham is a patriarch and an authority figure that Paul brings out to be their guideline example of what faith looks like.
V. Roman numeral V changes topic from the guidelines of faith plan God has to obtain righteousness, into the warning and benefits that result from living it out. Point a describes how believers of this new system will enjoy benefits such as peace hope and reconciliation with God and others. Point b reinforces the idea that we all belong to a corporate condemnation through Adam’s fall ,but have gained this new opportunity for righteousness through Jesus’, a pseudo and more improved Adam. With privilege into this new system comes responsibility. That is what point c refers to. Grace through faith is not an abettor to sinning despite the privilege of forgiveness. Point d and e are two point to reinforce to the believers why the results of this new system is of greater improvement. Point d the Law is limited in helping the individual. Point e, the believer gains extra help under this new system from the Holy Spirit that prays for the individual.

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