Essay on Andragogy vs. Pedagogy

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Andragogy is the way adults learn as opposed to pedagogy, the way children learn. The term was first introduced by Alexander Krapp in 1833. It was later popularized by Malcolm Knowles as he described his theory of adult learning. He had 6 theories as to how adults learn:
1. Learners need to know- Why am I learning this? What is it that I am learning? How will it help me? How is it important? In summary, if I need it, then I will learn it.
2. Self-concept of the learner- Adult learners are naturally self- directed which means they will take ownership of what and how to learn and how to manage their time and learning.
3. Prior Experience- Adults have a lot of previous experiments which may help them understand situations better, or it
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She says because the woman who taught her how to can pickles understood how to teach adults, it gave her confidence to try it. She says, “Beyond teaching your subject, you have the opportunity to inspire confidence and passion in another human being. That kind of teaching changes lives.” (Petersen) Pedagogy, the way children learn, the model is vastly different than the andragogy model by Knowles. Pedagogy suggests this learning model for children: 1. The Learner- The child is completely dependent upon the instructor and that the instructor assumes all responsibility for what is taught.
2. Experience of the Learner- The child comes to the learning environment with little experience and is reliant upon the experience of the instructor.
3. Readiness to Learn- Students are told what to learn in order to advance to the next level.
4. Orientation to Learning- Learning is a process of acquiring prescribed subject matter. Content units are sequenced according to the logic of the subject matter.
5. Motivation for Learning- Primarily motivated by external pressure, competition for grades and external failure. (Whitmeyer) This model suggests that learning for children is extrinsic. It seems to suggest that the only reason they go to school is because they are made to go and will only learn what the teacher teaches. According to the model, the child is unable, or not allowed to

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