Andrea Essay

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The myth of Andrea`s first love is a story of the things anger causes a person to do and the power it gives someone. As one of many of the daughters of Zeus and Hera, Andrea was young, beautiful and wealthy. She lived on Mount Olympus with her maid in a beautiful palace made of gold and exquisite carvings which was given as a gift from Hestia. There was never anything that made her special from her many other brothers and sisters. She didn’t have a hundred hands, powers or talents. Zeus thought she may be mortal like his other 32 children who became leaders of different states of Greece. But, he felt it was impossible because he knew the mother was Hera, queen of the gods and immortal. When Andrea was two years old, she crawled to the …show more content…
She went to look in her garden for the flower, but it seemed like there were none left, so she ventures outside her palace and near the pond to look for the beautiful flower. While arriving at the pond, she finds the flower hidden under a large oak tree and goes to retrieve it. But, before she could pull the flower from the ground, she was distracted by a young man who was on the other side of the pond skipping rocks in the water. At first she looks at the man thinking it may be Narcissus, the god who fell in love with himself, but the man was not looking at himself, but admiring nature and the sounds from the river. She took a second look at him from afar and her heart was skipping beats as she was falling in love. For days she watched him behind the oak trees, which looked similar to the ones the gods turned Orpheus`s murderers into. She admires him from far and started to pray to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddesses of love and desire, for her success in her first love. But, Aphrodite refused to help, knowing Andrea would not be able to handle true love because of her temper and anger. She was scared Andrea would kill her lover the same way she killed the flower when she was younger, if she ever got angry at him. Andrea did not care that Aphrodite did not approve to help her because she knew she would get what she wanted. After days of observing the young man, Andrea has her maid find the name of the young beautiful man she saw.

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