Animal Testing Essay

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Animal testing are experiments used on animal for scientific research. In 1981 Roger Sperry, David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel were awarded a Nobel Prize for research in brain function by studying monkeys. Roger W Sperry found out that nerves linking and both hemispheres of the brain could be tempered with, without causing any life threatening events. Many animals are very similar to humans and by studying the brains of monkeys Roger W Sperry made a huge discovery about the human brain for mankind. That led to more knowledge about the brain and it's many functions. With the continuous study on animal's, many discovers have been made with gathering information on known diseases and identified new ones such as Lung Cancer, Heart …show more content…
Over the past couple centuries humanity has achieved greatly in animal testing not just by medical studies but by scientific too. In the nineteenth century a German physiologist who received the 1901 Noble Prize for Physiology and Medicine, isolated diphtheria toxin and used a mixture of toxin and anti-toxin to protect guinea pigs from producing the disease. Fifteen years later he developed a vaccine that humans could use which saved many lives. Sir Frederick Grant Banting a Canadian medical scientist, doctor, painter he received a Noble Prize of Physiology or Medicine in 1923 by using insulin on humans. He determined the functions of the pancreas by producing insulin and this resulted in the discovery for a diagnosis of diabetes. Many new scientist became suddenly interested in animal testing and that lead to many animals experiencing unimaginable pain or even death. In modern society scientist's follow the three Rs in order to reduce the effect of researching on animals: Reduction, Refinement, Replacement. To reduce the number of animals they use they improve experimental procedures and data analysis techniques. Instead of each scientist studying specific animals themselves and receiving the reward, they now work in teams and share information to avoid experimenting on the same animals. They also are required to

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