Answers to Questions about the Play: A Doll´s House by Henrik Ibsen

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A Doll’s House

Questions and answers
1. relationship/interactions
2. Macaroons as Symbols
3. Who is Mrs. Linde?
4. What´s Nora´s secret?
54. Who is Krogstad?
6. Who is Dr. Rank?

Act One
1. Describe the relationship/interactions between Nora and Helmer as a married couple. What is NOT as it appears?
Nora and Helmer seemed to be a happy couple with their small problems. The way they would interact with one another constantly changed. They would have sudden arguments from small issues. Helmer had different nicknames for Nora, at times he would call her “my squirrel” or “little prodigal” and other times he would be kinder and call her “my dear little Nora”. Helmer yelled at Nora for being wasteful with money and then quickly
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Mrs. Linde is one of Nora’s friends from her childhood. She had come back to visit for Christmas. She was also looking for a job because she was a widow and had no one else in her life. Mrs. Linde’s husband had died and left her with no children and her younger brothers were old enough to take care of themselves so she looked to Nora and her family for company.

5. What was Nora’s secret?
Nora’s secret was that she secretly took out a loan from a man named Krogstad to pay for her family’s trip to Italy so her ill husband could get better. She didn’t tell this to Helmer because she didn’t want him to be upset or feel like he owed her a debt. During the last Christmas Nora locked herself up in a room and told Helmer she was making ornaments but she was actually working to pay off her debt.

6. Who is Krogstad, and what is his relationship to the Helmers?
Krogstad is one of Helmer’s co-workers at the bank. He is also the one who gave a loan to Nora to pay for the trip to Italy. He blackmails Nora with that information into helping him keep his job so he can continue to support his family.

7. Who is Dr. Rank, and what is his problem?
Dr. Rank is a family friend to the Helmer’s. His problem is that he is dying and doesn’t have much time left. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis and he secretly loves Nora Helmer. He doesn’t mind what others think of him and cares more about what he thinks of himself. He accepts the fact that he is

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