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Ask yourself; do you consider yourself a bookworm? If you do, what are your favorite books to read? Now imagine those books being banned from the education system. Actually there is no need to imagine, because as you are reading this more and more books are being forbidden for students to read. These books include not just books we enjoy to read but classic American stories. On the list we have The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and even The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Banning these books is in my opinion one of the worst things this government has done. The board of education is constantly trying to promote literacy, but are they really doing so by taking away the privilege of …show more content…
However if more and more books get banned these students won't be able to read any books that they are interested in. If you look up does the U.S. government encourage reading, o ne of the articles you might find is “The Government Should do more to Encourage Reading for Pleasure” written by Michael osen This article states “The government, through its education department, has declared itself on many occasions to be utterly serious about helping every child to do well at school and that this is predicated on knowing how to read.” This suggests that the government doesn't just encourage it, but are very serious about it. However they decide to ban books, in 2013 the total number of families that did not buy a book was 80%. This means that banning books these books, many of which children want to read, will only just cause this number to rise. Many people would respond to this with “ The government can protect children from explicit topics and encourage literacy.” and yes they can. The only problem is they are not doing it the right way, because banning the books doesn't just make it unavailable to small children, but to teens, who already know about these topics as well, plus you can't fully protect them.

The main reason, as stated earlier, of banning these books is to protect young children from topics they should not yet be exposed to. What they

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