Arizona’s Budget Cuts in Education; Good Idea? Essay

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Arizona is ranked forty-sixth in the nation when it comes to how much money is spent per-pupil in the public school system. How can we do worse? Cut even more money from the system and work our way down to fifty. “Arizona’s per-pupil spending continues to trail the national average by nearly $2,500 (using AZ & US 2008 fiscal years for exact comparison).” (Arizona Education Network ) The budget cuts that Arizona is making to the educational system will be detrimental in areas such as teachers and classrooms, programs such as arts and extracurricular activities, and most of all, taking jobs out of the state of …show more content…
Programs such as art, music, physical education and talks of cutting kindergarten out completely are on the chopping blocks as first thing to go in efforts of saving money. This is sad! Cutting kindergarten is not a good solution. Studies have shown that a child’s foundation for learning during kindergarten to third grade is what sets the precedence of their learning skills for the rest of their academic career. In the article, “AZ Law Makers Pass Budget Plan with Deep Cuts” (Arizona Republic by Mary Jo Pitzl March 17, 2011) it states, “Senate passes budget of deep cuts especially onto K-12, universities and community colleges. Universities up to 26% funding loss and a 7% loss to K-12, even though collecting money from voter approved temporary sales tax to prevent such cuts.” In May Arizona voters, voted to have a one cent sales tax increase to keep from having to cut these programs. Instead of Governor Jan Brewer keeping her promise to use this one cent sales tax towards education and not cut anymore from the budget, she along with the legislation has decided that the one cent sells tax is going to be used to help with the deficit that they put us in. Programs such as the arts and music have studies that say, “"Many colleges view participation in the arts and music as a valuable experience that broadens students' understanding and appreciation of the world around them. It is also well known and widely

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