Australia and Japan's Relationship since World War II Essay

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Since the signing of the 1951 peace treaty between Australia and Japan, the two countries have rapidly built a productive relationship. Many factors and events have contributed to the development of this partnership. The ANZUS treaty was the turning point in the Austral-Japanese relationship. It assured Australia protection against Japan and provided security in the Asia-Pacific region. Trade and cultural exchange also played a significant role in shaping Australia’s relationship with Japan. Growth of trade was a contributor to the sense of a mutual interest between the two countries. The cultural exchange often helped to recognise and accept the differences between Australia and Japan.

The partnership between Australia and Japan
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She desperately needed a permanent, reliable trading partner. Australia’s economy also heavily depended on trade with her neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region because she was so isolated from the Western World. As a result, Japan promised to admit Australian wool and cotton at favourable rates. Andrews.E (1979:78) states that by 1958 Japan was taking seventeen percent of Australian exports and would shortly overtake Britain as Australia’s best customer. Australia and Japan were among the first countries to endorse the concept of closer regional economic collaboration and trade liberalisation. This eventually led to Asia-Pacific Co-Operation (APEC). Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer notes, “Australia and Japan are the Asia-Pacific region’s main source of developmental assistance”. According to a research completed by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, North-East Asia hosts over forty percent of Australian trade. These statistics show the fundamentality of Japan’s importance to Australia. White.P (1988:116) quotes “Australia and Japan rely on each other and are strongly interdependent”. The future of economic relations between Australia and Japan depends drastically on both governments being ready to radically increase the pace of development.

Although the relationship between Australia and Japan is mainly based around the political and economic aspects, factors such as cultural and educational exchange also play a

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