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Federation is the joining of states to become one nation. The Australian government first considered federation in 1890 when premier Henry Parkes convinced other premiers to discuss federation in the Australasian Federation Convention. Australia finally federated in 1901 after many failed attempts at doing so. Australia finally federated because
This essay will discuss two advantages of Australia federating and two disadvantages of Australia doing so. The advantages that will be outlined and discussed in this essay will be that federation helped Australia’s economy & federation was essential for Australia so it would not be colonised by another country due to a stronger defence force. The disadvantages that will be shown and explained
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It would make trading much easier and cheaper, it would provide more money for the country as a whole from investments from off-shore governments and form better relationships between interstate traders.
The second and last advantage for the federation of Australia this essay will discuss is that federation was essential for Australia so it would not be colonised by another country due to a weak defence force. The effect federation would have on Australia’s defence force, basically was to unite all of the separate colonies armies and make it a stronger and more organised larger one. Before federation each colony had its own separate defence force which had the job of maintaining the colonies justice system, enforcing justice upon the occupants of the colony and anyone who wished to come into it . They also, if necessary had the duty to defend it. The problem with this system is that each colony had vast amounts of coastline and land in which with its limited supply of defence force members could not protect and maintain fully.
As stated in source 2 federation would have made a unified Australian defence force which would be commanded by a Lieutenant-General, be more efficient, run under the same system and would supposedly save much expense. In this instance federation would ensure the security of the nation due to the fact the military system was all the same throughout Australia and they would be run by a single leader, the

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