Bayer AG's Interactions with the Environment Essay

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Bayer AG Overview
My current employer is Bayer Business Services. This is an operating service subgroup under holding company Bayer AG. Bayer AG looks after all Bayer’s separate operational and strategic managements. The group’s core businesses have been transformed into limited companies and are each controlled by Bayer AG. These companies are Bayer HealthCare, Bayer CropScience, and Bayer MaterialScience and three service companies which are Bayer Technology Services, Bayer Business Services and Currenta. The company now has operations in over 55 countries across the world (Blake, 2013). Bayer AG holds a key position in four market sectors: healthcare (pharmaceuticals), agriculture (seeds and agro-chemicals), polymers (plastics,
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Today, small farmers account for more than 50 percent of the global harvest. If small farms were to fail, the global food supply would be severely affected. Experts have stated that in order to provide food for the growing world population, capacities have to be stepped up, especially in Africa and Asia ("Small Farms – Big Impact", n.d.) According to Dr. Martin Qaim, Professor of International Food Economics and Rural Development at the University of Göttingen, Germany, about half of all people suffering from hunger on our planet are small farmers in developing countries. Another 20 percent work as day laborers in this sector, which unfortunately is still characterized by very under-developed methods in many regions. Investments in better technology, infrastructure, agricultural extension and market accessibility for small farmers not only boosts production, but it also key to fighting poverty and increasing food security by improving income and creating employment ("Small Farms – Big Impact", n.d.). This is why Bayer CropScience has focused on creating programs that concentrate on these small farms. Bayer CropScience has implemented Food Chain Partnership Projects that bring together players in the food chain. This is how Bayer CropScience helps small farmers worldwide to cooperate more strongly with food processers and retailers. The program

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