Behavioral Assessment Systems Incorporated into the Public School Systems

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The increase in technological advances in the world today, social behavioral disorders also appear to be on the rise. Excessive video gaming and social networking can lead to social avoidance, increased aggression, and addictive behavioral issues. Public schools systems and parentsbenefit from the incorporation of Behavioral Assessment Systems (BAS) into the school systems to assist with identifying and diagnosing behavioral disorders in young children, adolescents, teenagers and young adults. School systemsbenefit from a reduction in man hours spent dealing with behavioral issues due to a lack of knowledge in knowing how to best manage these students. BAS in schools allow caretakers and parents to better assess the impact of this …show more content…
Incorporating BAS into school systems provides schools with systems that identify these issues in early stages empowering them to become better equipped for managing these behaviors. Early identification and diagnosis prevent students from being labeled as negatively and/or deviant. With early diagnosis, caretakers, school officials and parents learn along with the student how to better respond to these types of behavioral issues and remove the focus off the child’s behavior and back to educating the child. Man hours can be better spent on providing education tailored to a child’s needs. Ill-equipped schools waste countless hours reprimanding students for bad behavior, that could be avoided had necessary responses to a particular child’s needs been practiced. Students are repeatedly kicked out of schools for behavioral issues that could be voided. Some students require medication others require mental distraction or stimulation. Knowing what helps to prevent negative behavior in a student lets teachers and officials take more control over day to day interactions in schools.
After it is believed that a child may be exhibiting signs of a behavioral disorder, identifying the triggers that result in negative behavior is essential. Excessive time spent on gaming systems and social networking sites has been linked to behavioral disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorders or anxiety. (3) Video gaming has also been linked to increased instances in violence

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