Best Practices of Nonpharmacological Modalities for Pain Relief

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This paper will discuss the use of nonpharmacological modalities for pain relief. Pain can be difficult to assess in clients. It is different for each individual and the best way to determine a client’s pain is through subjective data. I learned in lecture that it is also important to observe a client’s facial expressions, posture, and body movements when assessing for pain. I was lucky to be able to experience in clinical this semester, many clients who were experiencing severe post-operative pain. After receiving opioids and non-opioid medications, most of these clients were still continuing to experience severe unrelieved pain. These occurrences inspired my curiosity with the use of nonpharmacological modalities. I have already learned …show more content…
The studies they reviewed present how some of these modalities were very effective while others show promise, but more research needs to be conducted to fully show their success. A study was conducted on a number of research articles presented on Massage Therapy. This study found 21 research reports that presented the effectiveness of pain relief from Massage Therapy on different areas of the body. The studies on low back pain showed that massage therapy can alleviate pain better than relaxation, acupuncture, and self-care education but is less effective than chiropractic manipulation and TENS. The studies on headaches are mixed and found that massage is effective at relieving pain from migraines but not for tension type or combined headaches. The studies on shoulder pain presented considerable improvements in pain relief when compared to using no treatment at all. The studies on fibromyalgia found that massage was better at alleviating pain compared to TENS, progressive muscle relaxation and with no treatment at all but, it did not show any benefits over usual medication administration. Lastly, one study of massage on chronic mixed pain showed that massage in general led to less pain than standard care but the other two studies reported no benefits of massage at all over relaxation or meditation. They end by summarizing that on the basis of these studies, massage shows to be very effective for

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