Biblical Gender Interpretations Essay

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Responsible use paper The bible has been the center of many debates and has been used correctly and incorrectly. My objective in this paper is to illuminate the many flaws in the century-old yet ever present interpretation of the bible that suggests women are lesser than men. I will also commend and explain the use of the bible during the civil rights movement. Some people believe that women were created for the sole purpose of assisting men. They justify their position by citing Genesis chapter two, in which God takes a rib from Adam and creates Eve. They believe that because Eve was made from a piece of Adam, she is directly under him, as if he were her creator. Another source of evidence for this claim is that Adam was created before …show more content…
The Bible played a major role in the civil rights movement and in the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist preacher who was obviously influenced by the powers of Jesus’ love. He used non-violent tactics to win the hearts and minds of his transgressors just as Jesus did. He also instituted methods of “creative suffering” into his objections against societal racism. Jesus’ crucifixion inspired him to introduce this concept into his protesting as a way to express fully the truths of racism. His extreme ideals would cause him to become the unofficial leader of the civil rights movement and ultimately create a better America. The main point of difference between these two ideals is in the presence or absence of love. Love is very much a part of the bible and therefore followers of the bible gain credibility when expressing that love. These two opposing perceptions couldn’t be more different in this sense. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed love to his oppressors in all of his social actions. However, the belief that men are superior to women derives from a negative sentiment much the opposite of love. This belief is not only oppressive by also demeaning, therefore it causes a loss of credibility.
The goals of each interpretation are also polar opposites. One seeks to free the oppressed while the other seeks to enslave the equal. The civil rights movement sought to expel

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