Book Report on Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

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Book Report on Lord of the Flies by William Golding The following report is on William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies. The book itself is 208 pages. The topics that will be covered are a brief summary, type of chronology used, evaluation of character development, type of conflicts, themes, writers styles, and personal opinions.

This novel takes place on a boat like shaped island. There is a jungle, beach, and a lagoon. There are pigs and fish that they can eat, and different fruits.

This novel is about several young boys trying to survive on this island after their plane crashed. They have to work together in order to survive. There aren’t any grown ups around. Ralph and Piggy are the first to appear after the crash.
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He thought that the boys were just playing games, but he really didn’t know how much the boys had gone through while they were on that island.

The type of chronology used is progressive. Each chapter leads into the other chapter and you learn more about each character, as you get further into the book. If you took out any of the chapters the book wouldn’t make sense.

The characters that were explained the most were Ralph, Piggy, Jack and the twins.

Ralph is about 12 years old and he is fair headed. He is described as being built and is chosen as the leader due to his positive qualities.

Jack is about 12 also. He has red hair and he has a skinnier build than Ralph. At first he was the leader of his choir group, in which they were given the name “hunters”. Jack turned into a horrible child that liked to hunt and kill.

Piggy is short, overweight, has asthma, and wears glasses. He tries his best to keep peace. His glasses are very important because they are used over and over again to start fires.

Sam and Eric are two young twins who always travel and do everything together. Without each other they are incapable of almost everything.

There are many different conflicts in this novel. They include Person Vs Person, Person Vs nature, Person Vs Society, Person Vs Self and Person Vs unknown. Ralph and Jack is one. Ralph represents order and composure in

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