Buckingham Palace: Epic Antiquity Essay

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Everyone loves to gossip; especially when it’s about royalty. Every one is watching their every move to see when they falter, when they deserve praise, where they should have stepped up and so forth. A story exists behind every royal figure. This story is of Buckingham Palace. The British Monarchy, who stir much of the drama and gossip that flocks todays headlines, the palace herself has a story to tell. A story of transformation, of joy, of war, of destruction, and of victory. Buckingham Palace stands in defiance of time, and continues on as a majestic symbol of royalty. The palace was originally built as a large town house for the John Sheffield, the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. Buckingham House (as it was known previously) was built on …show more content…
Though there were a few rooms radiating color and splendor, Buckingham Palace fell short of standards when it came to comfort, cleanliness, and ventilation. The Queen married in 1840 to Prince Albert who was troubled by the state of the palace and took upon himself to transform the palace as they knew it by reorganizing the staff, and tackling the various maintenance necessities. Come 1847 the royal couple decided that the palace was too small for their growing family, thus invited Edward Blore back to design a new wing which would later be built by Thomas Cubitt. Not long after the ballroom wing, along with several state suites, were designed by John Nash’s student Sir James Pennethorne. Buckingham Palace was always bustling with various events and entertainment. Colorful costume balls were held frequently, and musicians came to play their best for the Queen. Upon the death of her husband, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria cowered from the spotlight, and abandoned the palace to live elsewhere. Buckingham Palace was seldom used. King Edward VI and his wife, Queen Alexandra ventured back to Buckingham Palace and restored its splendor that it once held. Being the trend setters that they were, the royal couple redecorated the palace in a cream and gold color scheme that still exists today. Buckingham Palace once again became a venue of grand, royal entertainment. The last major construction done on

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