Essay on Buddha's Opinion on How One Should Live

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If Buddha Were Alive Today, How Would He Answer The Question: "How Should One

     What is right? Who is to say what is right? How do we know what we are doing is right? These are all questions that allude to how should one live?
Different people have different opinions on this area. Buddha's theory is one way to answer the question.

     Buddha has four noble truths. These four noble truths are suffering, the origin of suffering, the cessation of suffering, and the way of practice leading to the cessation of suffering. If you go through all four of these truths, you will live a "right" life.

     Suffering, according to Buddha, is
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If we want to stop suffering, we have got to start at the beginning. To stop suffering, we have to stop craving. We have to totally get away from it. Simple as that. It's true. If we want to stop suffering, we have to stop ourselves from craving. This is the third noble truth.
May sound easy to do, but in the fourth noble truth, we learn it is not as easy as we think.

The fourth noble truth may sound as simple as a commercial. Stop all your suffering in just eight easy steps!! As we journey through these eight "easy" steps, we find them to not be as simple as we think. the first is Right View.
Right View is knowing that we suffer and what suffering is. It is knowing that we can stop suffering. Step one is always the easiest. The second is Right
Thought. Right Thought is the thought og harmlessness. That means we have to stop thinking about bad for other people. No more thinking about killing the teacher who gave you a pop quiz the day you forgot your notebook at home. This second stop in the eightfold path is not quite as easy as the first. I think that as people, we generally feel jealousy over other people. It is this jealously that leads us to ill thoughts of people. It is hard to stop. It comes with feeling good about yourself. Next, Right Speech. Right Speech is no more lying, slander, or harsh speech. In our society, we learn that doing all this is ok. We learn from our parents that telling one "itty, bitty white

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