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Brand Loyalty
“ Brand loyalty-that certain something that makes a consumer keep buying over and over again-is an elusive quality. It begins with the consumer’s preference for a product on the basis of objective reasons-the drink is sweeter, the paper towel more absorbent. The brand name is the customer’s guarantee that he/she will get what they expect”(Fisher). As far back as companies go the main question asked when selling their product, how can I get people to purchase my product? This is still a very important issue in the day- to- day operations of any company, but now they are asking a whole new question. In today's fast changing markets, where people are bombarded by advertisements everywhere, people are starting to realize that
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Another way to create loyalty is to make donations to charities; these companies might say that a percentage of the money would go to a specific charity. This makes the consumer feel better about the amount of money they spent, and they also will feel good about the company for being charitable, which in return will create Brand loyalty. With the ever-growing concern for the environment many consumers now look for companies that take conservation in mind when they make their products. For example many car manufacturers are starting to make cars that are friendly towards the environment. This not only attracts people to buy the car, but it also tends to make them loyal to that brand. Customer service is another attribute that can create Brand Loyalty. When people have problems, or questions about a product that they have purchased, or plan to purchase it is good to have people available to field their questions. This makes people feel that the company cares about them, and that they are not alone when they have a problem. This is the kind of personal attention that the consumer values therefore making them loyal to a company.
The best kind of loyalty is Brand insistence, this is when the buyer insists on a particular brand, and won't except any substitutes. This is more common when dealing with specialty items such as designer clothing, and brand name prescription

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