Essay about Business Use of the Internet

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Nowadays research is one of the major uses of the internet. The internet has vast amounts of information and is faster than most research methods, with access to articles & databases from multiple libraries. Search engines use association to help locate sources you may not even know about. It saves paper, time and money. Businesses can make use of this information to evaluate current market trends or keep check on similar products and services from competitors. The internet benefits employees of organisations such as IT support technician to find out how to fix problems relating to computers and their networks (Campbell)
The internet has a negative effect on research also. With all that information available it may be difficult to find a
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Emails are also proof of documents being sent and it is possible to request proof of reading. Companies may use email for customer support, where a customer sends an email requesting assistance with a problem and the company sends advice or remedy to the problem. Again this is proof of what was discussed between both parties.
Unfortunately email can be used as a tool of abuse, were nasty emails can be sent to a victim or distributed within an organisation. There is also the fact that employees may send personal emails during work hours. With businesses using email instead of telephones and hand written mail, the personal touch is lost. Likewise, tone and facial expression are lost with email and this causes problems as text may be taken out of context and deemed argumentative. The use of spam or junk mail is very annoying and can slow down an employee’s productivity while they sort the good mail from junk. Nowadays along with the use of a firewall, a good email service will filter this problem. Email is prone to security issues, during transmission emails can be intercepted by the wrong person and corrupted, even parts of emails have been known to go missing and this could be a data protection issue. The use of what is known as sniffer can be used to monitor what is transmitted through the phone lines. Other security issues are viruses and spyware, viruses

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