Caffe Pergolessi Essay

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Caffe Pergolessi, located on the corner of Elm St and Cedar St, is more than a pit stop for caffeine, and much more than just a coffee shop. Caffe Pergolessi, commonly referred to by regular frequenters as “The Perg,” prides itself on being the oldest coffee house in Santa Cruz. It is a popular place to socialize and study for locals and students alike. It, however, has a reputation for being the site of congregation for hipsters, young adults who pride themselves in their knowledge and celebration of underground culture, particularly in music, film, art, literature, and fashion. Known for their ironic wit, self-deprecating humor, pretension, and politically liberal views, hipsters have chosen the Caffe Pergolessi as their Mecca for many …show more content…
The café also plays a mélange of underground music, such as foreign rap, punk, psychedelic rock and independent rock music. Their music often comprises of obscure bands, or alternative rock bands, such as The Smiths and Sonic Youth, that are popular but not mainstream rock, and are unanimously appreciated exclusively by hipsters. The baristas at the café are the embodiment of the ideal hipster. Many of them are in their mid-twenties to early thirties. The barista who makes my drink is a man in his mid-20s, in a loose white v-neck t-shirt, and black skinny jeans. He is wearing black-framed glasses, a gray fedora hat, and has a reasonably well-kept beard. This is a favored look for many male hipsters. However, perhaps to set him off from the average hipster, his chest and much of his left arm is covered in tattoos. In the article “Our Body, Our Selves,” Carol Delaney states that the practices of tattooing are “no doubt desired for purposes of identity and possibly for sexual titillation; they may also, like piercing, be interpreted as symbols of rebellion against parents or what they stand for, bourgeois society.” (Delaney 2004: 244) While this attitude of tattoos is very fitting with hipsters who rebel against mainstream culture, tattoos also seem to express for hipsters, a certain confidence in their own ideas and actions, no matter

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