Capital Punishment is Not the Answer Essay

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Capital Punishment is Not the Answer

Capital punishment is a difficult issue and there are as many different opinions as many people. Public support for the death penalty has decreased only a little in the last years. Meanwhile, many countries have outlawed the practice - capital punishment doesn't exist in the European Union countries - and strict laws about who may be executed are becoming more common. Despite of all this capital punishment is racially, socially and economically biased and allows the possibility of the execution of innocent persons, too. Furthermore, there is no benefit to society that would make it necessary to continue it. For these reasons, the death penalty doesn't support what the ideal criminal justice system
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For example, from 1769 to 1972, no white persons were executed for killing a black person in the state of Florida, though death penalty was used more often in the case of black defendants with white victims. Could it be that not a single such crime was committed in over 200 years? It would be naive and wrong to believe this.

Many advocates being on the side of the death penalty think that it frightens people away from crime and so provides a reasonable service to the society. They deeply believe that the execution of criminals will discourage others from committing similar acts. It may help in cases of premeditated crime but it is impossible to imagine how the threat of any punishment could prevent a crime that is committed in the heat of the moment.
Most capital crimes are committed in moments of great emotional stress or under the influence of drugs and alcohol, when they lose their logical thinking. Death-penalty countries do not have lower rates of criminal murders than non-death-penalty countries.
Executing criminals cannot and does not provide a solution for decreasing the number of homicides, proving that the statement that capital punishment benefits society is incorrect.

Another argument used against capital punishment is: if killing is wrong, then it also applies to the state that when they kill as a form of punishment. In other words: why do we kill people who kill people

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