Carolus Linnaeus: Jack-of-All-Trades Essay

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To many people, Carolus Linnaeus is characterized as being the greatest symbol in Sweden as a naturalist scientist. He was a taxonomist, a botanist, a zoologist, an ecologist, he also worked in medicine and in natural history but his main passion was botany (Anderson 10). He became world famous and was named an important naturalist because of the system he developed and used to name and classify plants, animals, minerals, and even on occasion humans. People do not truly understand this man if they only look at and consider his accomplishments in botany. When people only consider Carl Linnaeus as a world famous botanist, they are eliminating very important aspects of his life. Carl Linnaeus was a “jack-of-all-trades” and here all of …show more content…
Carl wanted to improve the current naming system that everyone used during the 18th century because ever since he was younger, he dedicated his whole mind to educating himself on all the names of all the plants and flowers and it is because of this attribute that Carl Linnaeus’s passion became names and that he received the honor of being named among the greatest scientists known to the world during that time (Anderson 10). Carl developed binomial nomenclature which included having the first part of the name being the group that the plant or animal belonged to and the second part was the species within that group that the plant or animal correlated to. This system that was developed was based on Latin because sciences all use Latin to describe and categorize information. Carl wanted to expand his horizon with binomial nomenclature. He wanted to step back and now focus more on the animal portion of the system. Linnaeus received help in the animal portion of his improved naming system because he was not inclined to certain animals, and he also basically followed the procedures formed by a previous scientist, John Ray (Lidén 1). His main focus, other than plants, had always been mammals, birds, and insects so he asked his friend Peter Artedi to help him classify fish. Peter Artedi and Carl Linnaeus became acquaintances while at Uppsala University. They joined and became a team because they both wanted to and had a passion to study botany and zoology so

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