Essay on Catholicism, Buddhism and Islam

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In every religion there is always a teacher, a guide, a person who is sent by their God to lead them to their faith and God. These people are now considered to be truly holy to their faith and recognized as saviors. Many of these saviors left another person in charge so that they can continue the teachings of these saviors. For this essay religious figures will be discussed for three religions such as Catholicism, Buddhism and Islamic.

First and foremost we shall start with Catholicism and their savior. In Catholicism, Catholics believe that “man is created by God and for God” In Catholicism, Catholics believe that God created everything else in 7 days in which God created space, earth, life, etc. God then created man and woman (from a
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For Buddhism, Buddhists believe that there is no God in particular nor worship anything in fact, but worship a teacher named Buddha. Buddha who was originally named Siddhartha; he was a prince of Kapilavastu a city in India. Siddharth mother Mahamaya had a dream year’s before Siddharth was born, the dream depicting her son becoming a spiritual leader. One day Siddharth wanted go visit the outside world, (Siddharth had never left the palace walls) his father agreed and let him out. Siddharth then went to the village and later embarked on a spiritual journey. A while later after Siddharth wasn’t satisfied with the knowledge some wise men gave to him he sat under a tree to meditate. At that time demons came to Siddharth tempting him, Siddharth resisted them for days with meditation. From Siddharth resisting and meditating for so long Siddharth achieved enlightenment, which he was then called Buddha. Buddha can be seen as the Jesus of Catholicism because he would go place-to-place, city-to-city to teach about the religion. Buddha went around to teach about his knowledge of karma, and the four truths. Buddha would teach 3 major points, which nothing is lost in the universe. This means that everything is reborn ex. Mater deteriorates, that mater turns into energy and vice versa. Buddha second teaching was everything changes. Life is full of problems and one of those problems can impact ones life greatly, one may think life is good until something bad unexpectedly

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