Caveat's Report Essay

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Also, considering the time constraints we’re under, it would be more expeditious for us as a group to not get into each other’s way. We need to avoid involving too many outside sources, who may swear by their noble intentions, but in the end, succeed in slowing down our efforts for personal gain.
We can also speed things up by avoiding a lot of speculation and reinventing the wheel. This ends up amounting to nothing more than the proverbial wild goose chasing I referred to earlier. For the sake of time, it is my hope that those of you who oppose my view, not condemn me for referring to the Holy Bible for answers.” Gremley’s face twitched as he focused his eyes on the nearest wall hanging.
“As I say,” Caveat continued,
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Can we all agree on that at least? Everyone began to argue again.
Stapleton waved her arms and tried to get everyone to calm down and show Caveat some respect. Caveat continued. “I promise I’m almost finished. I realize what you have just witnessed today looks like something out of a low budget sci-fi movie—” Everyone laughed except Gremley. His face stayed emotionless. “...But think about it for a moment,” Caveat said. “Now that I have explained to you in some detail what I believe about purposeful design, let me give you a rather simplistic, at this stage, hypothetical scenario resulting from my research and what I believe is God’s counsel: Barring some significant details now, we should be able to navigate through this cell, going further into power. By the way, this baby can go clear to one one-centillionth power—that’s 10 (-303)! Hypothetically speaking, we should be able to locate our galaxy, then on to our solar system, and further on to the planet earth!” A dull roar filled the room with a few scattered gasps and snickers. Gremley shook his head. “You can call me crazy if you choose, but I’m certain I’m on to something here. As I say, you can get on board or jump off. Pleeze feel free to do as you will, however, I’m confident I could handle the entire project on my own, if necessary.” Gremley led the group into hysterical laughter this time except for intern Alex who

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