Challenges and Opportunities Being Faced in Leadership Essay

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Challenges and Opportunities Being Faced A form of guidance in necessary to illustrate the direction that an organization, community, or society desires to move toward, therefore the approach of leadership becomes very important. In order to strive, define and achieve goals leadership inspires a sense of purpose and passion to the effort that the association undertakes (Russell Consulting, Inc., 2011). If a solid foundation of leadership is not applied the objectives, goals, customer service, quality, and, productivity will be lost and result in inadequacy for the corporation. An effective organization relies on leadership to serve and to communicate goals, strategies, organize, and motivate others to arrive at a collaborative result …show more content…
When servant leadership is the focus of an organization it provides a different way of thinking and working that is based on the strength of teamwork and community.
The power of servant leadership is “based in ethical and caring behavior and one that is attempting to enhance the personal growth of people while improving the caring and quality of our many institutions” (Leader to Leader, 2004, para 2).
Another aspect that many leaders, organizations, and society face is the ability to build a team environment to accomplish goals. A team is usually a group of people with a defined common purpose that strive to reach goals and objectives that are aligned with the organization (, 2011). Additionally, this means “each person takes accountability and responsibility for their actions within this team” (, 2011, para 5). An atmosphere of ownership is then established and responsibilities are clear. Furthermore, five key components that enable teams to succeed include having a common goal, defined leadership, communication skills, employees who take action, and the ability to evaluate the quality and to improve performance (, 2011). These strategies build a conducive environment so the team can be successful with their goals. Servant leadership provides a team with success by identifying the values that will impact the goals. These values guide the team in a direction of commitment and a desire to

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