Essay about Character Evolvement in Educating Rita

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Character Evolvement in Educating Rita

Rita is one of the two main characters in Willy Russell's Educating Rita. Rita's character changes in all aspects of her life: from her attitude to her work and her personal life to her appearance and knowledge- this is how:

Rita enters the play at first as a common, working class hairdresser. You can gather all of this straight away, from the fact that in her first sentence she addresses to Frank contains the word 'bleedin''. In these opening moments of the play she does not seem to be able to control her speech and tends to babble on about irrelevant issues - such as Frank's 'pornographic' picture on his wall. She admits to her 'problem' and says 'I
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In the beginning Willy Russell uses many different dramatic devices to show Rita's nervousness around Frank and the whole O.U Program. 'Rita wanders about the room' is a common example used on several occasions by Willy Russell. This shows that perhaps Rita is avoiding the confrontation of talking and learning with Frank, and when she 'notices the picture' (and other items of irrelevance) one could interpret this as Rita avoiding Frank's eye contact as well. This does also show Rita's curiosity, interest and enthusiasm as well, as she is not afraid to ask questions that may have a simple answer, such as her questioning about the picture.

Finally, nearer the end of the scene, another dramatic device is used: 'Rita lights a cigarette', showing what is entirely acceptable in Rita's circles of friends and society. As she leaves, though, she seems to have built up her confidence enough to, once she has left the room, 'burst' back in again and orders Frank to, ' listen to me', and tells him, 'you are my teacher'an' you're gonna bleedin' well teach me'. She even ends up making a joke, calling him a 'geriatric hippie' in jest, referring to his haircut. This shows that she feels comfortable enough to tell him how she feels and how relaxed that she already feels in Frank's company.

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