Characters in the Play, August: Osage County Essay

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The play “August: Osage County” by Tracy Letts is undoubtedly rich in text. The characters have been developed in a very compelling manner. The way they have been presented criticizes the American society in this current age. The main characters in the play, the Weston family, have outstanding personalities. Besides being overly sensitive, the Weston family is for clever members. Their unity is coupled with destructive and supportive engagements. In this essay, I am going to focus on the character profiles of the main characters in the play. The main characters are the Weston family members. I will also discuss the themes in the play.
The Weston family has five members and a housekeeper who lives with them. Individual members of this
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Barbara consistently tried to bring sanity to their lives.
Ivy Weston is the second daughter of Violet Weston. She is reserved but a mousy stereotype (Letts 137). She has had to contend with her mother’s outrage for a long time since she lived closer to her home. Despite her calm outlook, she conceals so much dirt. She has kept a secret love affair with her cousin (Letts 124). The youngest daughter is Karen Weston. She yields to self pity and moves away from their family to live in Florida in pursuit of happiness (Letts 144). She claims her adult life has been miserable. She later returns with a 50 year businessman as her fiancé. The man later turns out to be hateful in the drama. Hired by Beverly, Johnna Monevata is the housekeeper of the Weston home. Beverly disappeared a few days after hiring her. She says that her stay in that home was because she needed the job. She is stable and upright morally. She is also considerate. There are occasions when she has saved the day for the family members.
Lessons in the play “August: Osage County”
In the entire play, there are several messages that are relayed. For instance, it was with an intention that the writer had the housekeeper as a Native-American. It created a fragile relationship with the Caucasians, which was as a result of the century old unfairness that occurred in Oklahoma City. There are many lessons that we learn from the play “August: Osage County”. The majority of the themes of the

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