Essay on Chemical and Radiological Hazards Preparedness

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Chemical and Radiological Hazards Preparedness in Fort Worth, Texas
To reduce the impacts of chemical explosions or the exposure rate, one of the best strategies to follow is evaluating the actual danger exposed to the members of the community. Such an evaluation is a crucial step in the development of an effective response plan. A risk assessment ensures that the right tools are sought and the correct measures appropriately applied to reduce the chance of an explosion.
The approach should be based on several aspects, which are based on the expected source of chemical contamination. Before embarking on any form of response, a response station should be established to deal with all attacks or threats. The station should be
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There is also need to include medical professionals to contribute to the fundamental principles behind chemical operations. This would help create awareness among members of the community on the impending dangers, especially if some threats are detected (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2003, p. 1152).
The awareness campaigns from the medical and professional teams from the chemistry departments should be thorough enough to influence home-based prevention plans before the intervention of professionals. Medical practitioners and other professional teams should also be in a position to assess from time to time the exposure rate of the residents. Planning is therefore one of the best strategies that can be used to curb possibilities of casualties in the event of a chemical attack. The plan should also encompass the intervention of larger agencies, like the Council for State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE), which should work hand in hand with the smaller agencies to ensure that people’s lives are adequately protected.
There should be a good relationship between the workers and the organization manufacturing chemical products. In addition, since there may be possibilities of attack from external sources, it would be appropriate to consider enhancing the security status by establishing some checkpoints in crucial areas in the community.
Training is another issue that should be included in the plan. As part of getting prepared

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