Chemical Weapons Essay

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Silent but deadly, unknown but known, and simple yet complex. Chemical’s are all around us. They’re part of our everyday life, we find them as a necessity to live almost, but what happens when these chemicals are in a non controlled setting? When they are used to take a turn for the worst, and become silent murderous machines?

Chemical weapons are defined to be a chemical containing toxins which are then put into what is referred to as the “delivery system” (The way in which the chemical will be released). These delivery systems can range anywhere from a bomb to gases, a liquid, or even a vapor. They can then lead damage to the body by reacting as a choking agent, nerve agents, or blood agents. Choking agents must be inhaled for them
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Possible symptoms of these agents are, beginning to lose consciousness, cardiac arrest, and then possibly death if not saved. Blood agents can kill a person anywhere between fifteen to forty-five minutes.

Chemical weapons have always been found strikingly fatal, especially during the time of WWI when they were first used, or well at least during modern times. During WWI Poison gas was the type of chemical weapon used. It also happened to put the most fear in the eyes of those in the war at the time. Poison gas was extensive, and used in the trench of the war. Neither sides would have to even be in conflict for the gas to kill, only near the trench due to how extensive it was. These toxic chemicals can be released in a variety of ways, one way being through the air stream which makes them so outstandingly dangerous. Once these toxins are released into the airstream many people have no sign that it’s around, until they start to feel strange or funny and weird, but by now it’s too late. They get into the bloodstream, and respiratory system making many of these non-curable and eliminates giving the person any type of chance to live. They choke you, blind you, or shut down your nervous system in a decent amount of time, making it easy to take you out. For instance, in Syria recently tons of the citizens were wiped out due to chemical weapons. It happened to be a nerve agent that was used in the attack and the delivery system was found to be a rocket,

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