Childhood Obesity Is an Epidemic Essay

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In the United States today, we have an epidemic of childhood obesity. The difference between overweight and obese people is that being overweight is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height from fat, muscle, bone, water, or a combination of these factors while being obese is defined as having excess body fat. Childhood obesity isn't just a public health issue, it's a social justice issue. The treatment and prevention of childhood obesity are considered the responsibility of individual children and their parents.
Obesity is hard to prevent when a family has low income and can only afford McDonalds every meal everyday or lives within a food desert where affordable & healthy food is difficult to obtain. With this children
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There are many causes to childhood obesity nowadays, at the University of Illinois they found that there might be a link between poor parenting and high childhood obesity risks. They found that insecure parents are increasing a child’s desire to consume junk food (Lore 1). A quarter of the 2-5 year olds across the U.S. are overweight, this is a result in the parents from telling their child to clean their plate for dessert. This message is the last one they want to send to their kids these days. Also giving a child more freedom promotes not eating to relieve stress of not being given any freedom at all. Lack of exercise and access to healthy foods is also a big cause. Many children spend a lot of time being inactive. The average child spends four hours watching television each day and with computers and video games becoming increasingly popular the number of hours inactivity may increase( WebMD 1). It’s the parent’s responsibility to regulate to amount of time their kids spend playing video games and to get them out of the house more and play. Some schools around the U.S. don’t always give the healthiest choices when it comes to lunchtime because schools want cheap food that keeps them under the budget for the year. Students have limited options at school and at home and if kids can't get fruits and vegetables at home or at school, they're not likely to find them elsewhere.
There are ways to prevent obesity, ways like healthier lifestyle habits including healthy

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