Christianity, Politics, and George Bush Essays

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Christianity, Politics, and George Bush

I feel that I am in the minority. I am a good-natured Christian without a political allegiance. I believe in the power of faith, sacrifice in defense of the public good, and “staying the course.” I trust God's will and others who do the same. I also believe in using the intelligence, talent, and judgment I was blessed with to help others and to promote my religion. This is my purpose and goal as a good person. I, like many similarly principled people, depend on my moral compass to guide me during moments of indecision. However in this presidential election, our faith-based guidance systems are having difficulty focusing on the target. Bush is a self-proclaimed instrument of God, but he is also
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But most Americans only care about their religion and culture. As long as the values they feel are important are promoted, they rest easy knowing that this nation is in good hands. For Christians then, faith seems an attractive ground on which to base our vote.

However, faith alone cannot be enough. It must be coupled with the tremendous responsibility of using logic to support our faith whenever possible. In the search for the true direction of our moral compass, many Christians get lost. They see a man on the horizon proclaiming that faith will heal this nation and kill our enemies, and they forget about their obligation to analyze and challenge his values to ensure they are genuine. Faith has become the get-rich-quick solution to our nation's complex problems, and the thick propaganda of it has clouded our minds from dissenting. Christians are cornered to support Bush's faith, or else their faith is questioned.

The Christian right is uncompromising. A vote for Kerry is a vote for abortion and a ticket to hell. America is a two-party democracy but only one party leads to a bright future. Republicans will protect the homeland, and Democrats will let the terrorists win. In many ways, it is the Christian right that is un-Christian. Delineating politics as the struggle of good versus evil blurs reality with illusions, stereotypes, and generalizations. Rational thought and

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