Cloud Computing and the Computer Scare Essays

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Once you login to your computer you are bound to use an application that is related to the cloud computing infrastructure. For example, when any service needs an internet connection it immediately uses what is known as a “cloud” network, which is a broad term for the use of a device or application that is not physically present. The computer user is then accessing a network in the cloud, which stores personal information and allows for multiple tasks to be completed in an efficient manner rather than just using a single personal computer. Computer Scientists do find an importance for expanding the cloud network since it not only helps them create projects using multiple computers linked on the cloud but it also helps deliver applications …show more content…
Specifically, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a useful feature for application developers in which developers can have hard drive space options, a Virtual Machine import, elastic IP addresses, and access from multiple locations (“Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute” 1). Computer scientists may use other cloud services to complete their own tasks; an example of this includes secure shell servicing, or SSH, if one wants to access the files and operating system of a different computer. Computer scientists can find multiple needs for developing applications or websites within a cloud’s structure.
Cloud computing is important because of the services it can bring to consumers and computer science professionals. These services have multiple benefits, particularly cost: scientists pay low amounts to get a large amount of storage or access to supercomputers or private applications and resources. Computer Science majors can find cloud infrastructures to fit their needs. Examples of such are “commodity computing” where one can lease a computer and access its applications, operating system, and files from a computer at home (Fox 1). A new innovation is that “Cloud vendors including Amazon and IBM are working with independent software vendors on cloud-friendly versions of popular scientific software” (Fox 1). Computers can also able to be used in a parallel fashion, that is running “tens or hundreds computers in the cloud” (Fox 1). As you can see

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