Coming to America Essay

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Coming to America from an eastern prospective, it was a challenge for me to understand different aspects of western culture. Their behaviors, ideas, and values appeared to be unusual, confusing, and shocking to me at one point, however, after observing American culture for three years, I think I finally understand why American act as they do. In the article The Values Americans Live By by Robert Kohls, he has created great a list of 13 generally detained values which claries why American act as they do. I absolutely agree with Kohls article and I wish I had read his article before I came here because it would have help me deal with Americans more effectively. I know from personal experiences that Kohls overview of American values is fairly …show more content…
2. Change
Positive: Change is seen as optimistic process; people will experience new things and it can learn to a better life. Change is a one of those greatest changes to learn new life lessons, and also people might learn new skills they did not know they possessed.
Negative: Changing is risky; people cannot go back and redo things so, sometimes it is not worth taking risks. Many people feel safer when they do not change. Change can make things worst.
3. Time and its control
Negative: Time is valuable, and it is one of the few things in life that would never come back, so people have to use it carefully. If people use the time Effectively, it can increase productivity. If people show up on time and accomplish their objectives, it makes for a smother and running society.
Negative: Having your life ruled by time and schedules can create a great deal of stress. Stress and tension are the two main things that people need less of, so we should not time, and schedules control our lives.
4. Equality/egalitarianism
If everybody has equal opportunities, the gap between rich and poor would be gone. People will feel important, accepted and respected as individuals. Equality might be able to wipe away sexism and racism as well.
Negative: If there is equality, there is no intensive to achieve high goals, for example, a doctor would make money just as a car washer attendant. Large intensive to get ahead of life would be gone. When people are all same,

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